tune in to push out (2018)

Music and Performance by Paul Shepherd. Editing and Performance by Valerie Calam. Shot by Brian Johnson. This video was created during a Research Residency Hub in April 2018 at hub14 in Toronto.

Our goal was to create a new duet that equally represented dance and music without privileging one art form over the other. Using ‘tuning-in’ and ’pushing out’ as a concept, we were looking for the clearest offering. There is labour behind this quest in exchange for transmitting the perfect frequency—both in sound and movement. We reference cassette tape culture and ex-raver friends’ video submissions. Using our individual arsenal of tools, we tried to be mindful of how they overlap and layer—training ourselves to turn the light on in the middle of what is happening. tune in to push out is based on a series of permutations that are constantly looping and continuously moving. The viewer is free to create their own choreographic permutation of the video by selecting what screen they choose to watch. This process becomes about seeing and the shifts in seeing that occur.