Want to be a part of a project where I sew for you??

I recreate favourite dance clothes that professional dancers and all-round cool movers wear on a regular basis–usually to train and rehearse. Every dancer I know has a signature pair of dance pants or dance top, which are always well worn and at risk of falling apart entirely. It’s the unassuming teeshirt or jogger pant that comforts them through hours of creative process and collaborative work. Usually, this article of clothing has a history that brings back nostalgic feelings and has a story attached to it. This interaction—the sharing of a story—is my initial inspiration for this project. I take that article of clothing and draft a pattern in order to remake the piece for them. I will try and match the quality of the fabric, staying true to texture, flow and weight.

So far, I’ve remade wears for Rosemary James, Tina Fushell, Ame Hendersen, Alex Samaras, Adam Vandermeij and Christianne Ullmark.  I remade Francesca Chudnoff’s pants for her performance with Alias Dance Project in 2017.

I want to repeat this exchange with more dancers until I have accumulated 30 garment pieces.

Are you interested?  If so, email me!  valcalam@hotmail.com

These new patterns will become a prototype for a small-batch production of the articles to be named after the dancer with stories attached.

I’m interested in clothing the working body that is about comfort, memory and nostalgia.  The value is not placed on how a garment looks, but how it feels and makes you feel. This concept is in direct response to many of the contemporary dance practices happening in the community in which the dancer’s approach to movement is based on tracking sensations of the body and feeling movement in the present moment. Therefore, I aim to create wear that is an extension of the work already being done by the dancer.

This project has the potential to shed light on the relationship between what we wear and how we feel—and extending to how what we wear affects our work and what we produce. As well, what does this new integrated person (body and clothing) look like? If there is a change in the person, is it visible from the outside? How does a mindfully clothed dancer move and what is being manifested in the moving body? How does a movement practice open up and evolve when the body is not being physically restricted by clothing?

dance-related collaborations. performance and video.