Valerie Calam


I’ve been presenting choreography in Toronto since 1997, using the pseudonym name Vice Versa for my work in sound design and dance video. I formed Company Vice Versa in 2011 to umbrella my creative work and collaborations, presenting my first full-length work in January 2012 through the help of CreatiVenture Collective and The Citadel Theatre. In 2014, I completed a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Dance/Choreography at York University, focusing my research on “physical states of embodiment and their impact on the performer”.  I continue to work on this, mainly through creative in-studio research with a core group of collaborators, but also through lots of chat with community people here in Toronto.  I recently led a workshop experience “Proposal to Piece” that was the result of a Canada Council Research Grant.

As a performer, I recently performed in works by Christopher House, Joanna Kotze, Diane Borsato, Jenn Goodwin, The Dietrich Group, Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie (James Kudelka), and ProArteDanza (Guillaume Coté, Matjash Mrozewski and Adam Paolozza) , as well as a new creative process directed by Luke Garwood. I was the creative facilitator, consultant, videographer, and outside eye for Michael Sean Marye’s work This Way. Under the Artistic Direction of Christopher House, I was a member of Toronto Dance Theatre from 1999-2009.

I received the KM Hunter Award for Dance in 2011. I’ve been nominated for six Mavor Moore Dora Awards including Outstanding New Choreography for Parliament (2007) and Gotta Go Church (2013) and Outstanding Performance as an Individual Time Code Break/Toronto Dance Theatre (2008). But, I’ve never won one.  Blah!

Photo credits: Above group shot by Andrea de Keijzer.  Headshot by Michael Sean Marye.

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