Andréa de Keijzer

ANDRÉA DE KEIJZER (understudy, photographer, videographer). Andréa de Keijzer is a performance, photography and video artist currently based in Montréal and Toronto.Andréa graduated from York University with a degree in Dance and Kinesiology and has studied photography and filmmaking independently in Toronto and Mexico. At this time she is collaborating with dancer and poet Erin Robinsong on a piece titled Wolves & Selves, which will be developed during a residency on Cortes Island, British Columbia in February 2012. She is also working with Montréal dance artist Ariane Boulet and the company En Cohorte on Le Cerf ou Moi Qui Cede Dans L’Espace, a live video and dance performance as well as a dance film. Her photographic work is published monthly in the Dance Current and a collection of 22 of her large format photographs is installed at York University’s Dance Department.

dance-related collaborations. performance and video.