Valerie Calam


I’ve been presenting choreography in Toronto since 1997, using the pseudonym name Vice Versa for work in sound design and video. I formed Company Vice Versa in 2011 to umbrella creative work and collaborations, presenting my first full-length work in January 2012 through the help of CreatiVenture Collective and The Citadel Theatre. In 2014, I completed a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Dance/Choreography at York University, focusing my research on “physical states of embodiment and their impact on the performer”.  I continue to work on this, mainly through creative in-studio research with a core group of collaborators, but also through lots of chat with community people here in Toronto.  I made a workshop called “Proposal to Piece” that was the result of a Canada Council Research Grant.  Toronto Dance Community Love-In recently hosted me in teaching a workshop as part of their Summer Intensive Program.  Paul Shepherd scored the class.  It was a great time.

As a performer, I will be working with Jeanine Durning on her upcoming commission at Toronto Dance Theatre.   Under the Artistic Direction of Christopher House, I’ve been working with TDT on&off since 1999 and performed in works by Christopher House, Joanna Kotze, Diane Borsato, Jenn Goodwin, The Dietrich Group (DA Hoskins), Ame Henderson, Amanda Acorn, Tedd Robinson, Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie (James Kudelka), ProArteDanza (Roberto Campanello, Robert Glumbek, Guillaume Coté, Matjash Mrozewski and Adam Paolozza), Serge Bennethan, and others.

Headshot by Michael Sean Marye.

dance-related collaborations. performance and video.